It all began with the dream of Markus Lehmann to design his own watch, to his specifications. He had 20 years of experience in the watch making industry, combined with a sense of form and aesthetics. The INTEMPORAL models are visually harmonious and extremely comfortable to wear.

Calibre design

Markus Lehmann began the development of the basic movements more than ten years ago. Technical design is supported by Andreas Strehler, a renowned Swiss AHCI watchmaker who brings years of experience to the design department at Lehmann Pr├Ązision. The parts are manufactured in-house on Lehmann machinery.

Development of the model families

The calibres in the individual Lehmann models were developed, largely manufactured and fully-fitted inhouse. The INTEMPORAL Window Date with the LS3 calibre or the Pointer Date with the LS4 calibre are the base models in the collection which has been refined and optimised over the last ten years. The INTEMPORAL Window Date was developed as a slightly simpler entrylevel model. The two models Power Reserve Display or Dual Time with display of a second time zone, offer added practical features. They all have in common genuine special features that can only be found in the Lehmann watches.


During recent years, the movements have been continually further refined. Existing calibres have been optimised and new developments promoted. Model families have had new designs added and new models such as the Dual Time have come on the scene.

The idea is not to offer a new model every year, but to work constantly on development in order to regularly present innovations.

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