Watch shipment

Your watch should always be well packed and insured for shipment. If you wish, we can have your watch collected by a specialist courier.

Talk to us.

Custom requests

At your request, we can customise existing models. We cannot produce individual watches to order but we are happy to address your requests as far as possible.

We can, for example, personalise your watch with high quality engraving on the rotor, or work with our partners to obtain a special strap for you.

Change of strap

All Intemporal models have a specially-shaped case. We have had special straps designed and manufactured for them. The straps have a sewn insert, which we produce. This ensures that the strap fits the case perfectly and guarantees comfort when wearing. There are two different designs available. One is for a very narrow wrist, for which a 30° strap angle is preferable, otherwise the standard strap with a 5° angle is ideal for normal to wider wrists. The straps are fastened with a spring bar.

The straps for the Intemporal models are usually made of leather. We purchase straps made certified in high-quality material and which are manufactured for our watches. Nevertheless, the natural product has a limited lifetime, which depends on the owner's wearing habits. The strap may therefore need replacing. Please take into consideration also that the colour will change over time and the strap will acquire a patina. This happens sooner for light coloured straps than for dark ones.

Ask your jeweller or ask us here at the manufactory.

Inspection and reconditioning

Your mechanical watch should be serviced regularly. We recommend that you send your watch to us for a full service after 3 – 5 years. After this time, the watch should be re-lubricated to ensure that the function of the mechanical parts is not affected by abrasion. All seals should also be checked and replaced to ensure that the water resistance rating is guaranteed.

In a full service the watch is also dismantled and the movement parts cleaned. The consum-able parts are replaced. The movement is then refitted and re-regulated. The case is also cleaned and polished. The watch is then rewound, the water resistance rating is tested and inspected thoroughly once more.

The consumable parts are included in the price of the service. If other repairs are required, the additional costs are added to the invoice.

When you send in your watch for repair or servicing, or leave it with one of our concessions, after inspection by us in the watchmaking workshop you will receive an assessment and a cost estimate before any work is carried out.

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