At the start of 2019, the watch factory moved from its first headquarters in Gut Berneck in Schramberg to its new premises in Hardt in the Black Forest. In the process, the manufacture also became part of the Lehmann Pr├Ązision headquarters. The new, superbly equipped watchmaking workshop is designed for working at the very highest level. Inhouse dial manufacture was added to the production facility; a unique feature in the German watchmaking industry.

    Markus Lehmann

    “My idea was to make elegant, timeless watches with practical details, which would give pleasure for years.”

    Markus Lehmann

    Traditional craft skills

    The clockmaking industry was established as a trade in the Black Forest in 18th Century, laying the foundations for the close bond between the people of the Black Forest and clocks. Over the years, clockmaking has experienced great turbulence. However, in recent decades the professional manufacture of mechanical watches has undergone a renaissance. The clockmaking schools established in the Black Forest have survived and are turning out young watchmakers to this day.

    This passion for mechanical clocks and watches in the region also benefits the Lehmann manufacture, which employs a good mix of both young and experienced people.

    Lehmann Pr├Ązision,
    from Hardt in the Black Forest

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