INTEMPORAL Power Reserve Pointer Date

3 Power Reserve Pointer Date Models

There are two models in this range with power reserve display. The INTEMPORAL Power Reserve Pointer Date model is driven by the LS0009 calibre with automatic winder. The second variant is the Power Reserve Window Date.

Power Reserve Pointer Date

stainless steel
stainless steel
stainless steel

Characteristic features

The date display variants determine the design of this model. The dial of the pointer date is two-part and the power reserve display is located in the radial recess between the lugs of the case. This means that the lower horn is not completely filled by the leather strap.

The Intemporal Pointer Date comes in the 42 mm diameter version.

Visible movement

The bridges of the movement are finely engraved and have been machined, diamond-cut, polished and extensively coated in multiple work steps. The result is the gold stripe decoration on the bridges. The sapphire glass rotor with oscillating weight engraved and with the Lehmann logo is another feature which is available on hardly any other watch on the market and which effectively accentuates the bridges.


Machinery from the original Lehmann Präzision company is predestined for this type of dial manufacture. With technology developed in-house, it is possible to apply extremely accurate engraving. This is relevant particularly with this two-part dial because the engraving must be exactly aligned. It is interrupted by the date display, which runs between the two halves of the dial. The date is displayed in the small red frame, which jumps to the next date. The appliqués set into the dial are also manufactured and finished completely in-house.


No other strap variants can be attached in the case of the INTEMPORAL Power Reserve Pointer Date model. However, we endeavour to fulfil special requirements and can have straps specially produced.

For this timepiece there is a standard version in alligator leather. In this case the strap is screwed to the case on the power reserve display side.

Strap variants

Alligator blue
Alligator red
Alligator green
Alligator brown
Alligator white
Calfskin sandy
Calfskin black with fine rubber
Calfskin black with fine rubber
Shell Cordovan brown
Shell Cordovan black
Fine rubber
Alcantara grey
Alcantara brown
Alcantara black
Alcantara creamy

Strap lugs

A specially-shaped insert, made here in-house from a strong, light material, is sewn into the strap. The strap thus sits snugly into the case lugs. This insert comes in two shapes, which determine the way the strap sits on the wrist.

One has an angle of 5°, which aligns the strap with the case lug to enable the perfect fit of the watch. The other has a steeper angle of 30°, which permits the optimal fit for narrower wrists.

Angle 30°

For ladies and gents

Angle 5°

For ladies and gents


The INTEMPORAL Power Reserve Pointer Date models are supplied with a high quality safety clasp.

Safety clasp

Elegant wooden box

All INTEMPORAL models are supplied in a very beautiful walnut box made in the Black Forest.

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