Features of the Lehmann

The basic idea behind the development of a new watch from the Black Forest was to make a timeless, high-quality timepiece, with the majority of the components being made in-house. The focus was not on complicated gimmicks but on a range of characteristic features needed by watch wearers, which make the watch unique and guarantee its long term appeal.

The case design

The case defines the watch face. In the case of the INTEMPORAL model it is not flat, but is fitted to the curve of the wrist. The watches are therefore very comfortable to wear. The horns into which the strap is fitted project further from the case than usual. One has the option of integrating a specially-made strap which fills the space in the horn. The watch strap with stitched inserts for this type of assembly is available in two widths and so can be individually fitted to the thickness of the wrist.

The concealed crown

The unique look of the case is accentuated further by the concealed crown, which recesses fully into the case. This design has been patented. It gives the watch a very harmonious look and improves wearability enormously. The new crown system also protects the crown itself. It is secure and easy to use.

The surface finish of the bridges

With our own precision machinery for component manufacture and processing, we can engrave highly-specialised decoration onto all bridge surfaces. The result is particularly good when the surface areas are finished with a diamond tool. The movement parts are electroplated in our own electroplating facility.

The sapphire glass rotor

The beautifully finished surface areas of the movement are visible through the sapphire bottom glass. To ensure that the rotor of the automatic watch does not cover up half of the movement, most Lehmann models also have a rotor made of sapphire glass. Set in an engraved outer ring with heavy metal mounted on one side, the sapphire glass rotor winds the watch just like a conventional metal rotor, only without covering the beautifully crafted bridges.

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